In theory, everyone recognises the importance of first aid training. However, most people would probably agree that they assume that the likelihood of them ever having to put their training into practice is low to zero. The law states that it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of their employees and in some instances, such as in the childcare industry, first aid training is mandatory.

Mackin has been providing first-class first aid training for several years. Their courses include: first-aid-refresher

First Aid

Our First Aid Training is ideal for those required to act as a first aider at work, at home or for a voluntary organisation or community group. The First Aid Responder (FAR) is responsible for those who are injured and in need of help.

This course is designed to enable the participant to:

  • Conduct first aid in the workplace
  • Assess a patient
  • Aid in respiratory emergencies
  • Understand the importance of cardiac first response
  • Treat wounds; bleeding; burns and scalds; chemicals and poisons

This course takes place over three days and gives certification for two years. After that two year period is up, a two-day refresher course is available.

Cardiac First Response

A cardiac first responder (CFR) is a person trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). With this training, you can respond to someone who has suddenly collapsed.defibrillator

This 4-hour cardiac first responder course can play a critical role in keeping a person alive until the commencement of expert medical care.

This course takes place over a day and gives certification for a year.

Of course, First Aid training isn’t just applicable to the workplace. Once you can recognise that someone is in trouble and you know how to render assistance, you may come across a person in need anywhere.

Take a look at the following testimonial to see just how important your first aid training can be.

 “A member of our Belfast team, Mark Smith, wished to pass on this thanks to Danny following his recent training. 

Yesterday Mark spotted a man having a heart attack in Belfast city centre, without his recent training he would not have recognised the signs. He also said that without the training he wouldn’t have had the confidence in AED or to start CPR, called on the help of a passer by to help him. They both worked CPR on the man for 10 mins before the ambulance arrived. 

Sadly the man later passed away in the night in hospital, but the ambulance service commended Mark on his quick response and impressive skills. 

We really appreciate the invaluable training that Danny provides; he’s an excellent trainer.”

 Paula Hynes at Teamwork

 If you or any of your staff need to update their First Aid training, then ring our office and book a place on one of our courses.

 Remember, Mackin can tailor a course to suit you and your needs and can provide training at a location of your choice.