In conjunction with Construction Safety Week 2018, this month’s blog is focused on the importance of putting safety first on the construction site.

Construction sites are by their very nature, dangerous places. Several different tasks may be taking place at the same time; people and equipment, including heavy machinery, are constantly on the move; work is often being carried out at a height; heavy loads are being carried, lifted and moved around, etc.

Construction Safety Week gives contractors and their employees a chance to look at safety procedures together and work towards making their work place as safe as possible. Construction Safety

Construction Safety Week 2018 – Mission

“Our collective mission for Construction Safety Week 2018 is to partner together to:

  • Reduce accidents on construction sites in Ireland
  • Increase awareness of the importance of being committed to safety and health…every day
  • Inspiring all of us to share best practices and to work together to strengthen our industry’s safety culture
  • Celebrating the safety achievements to date”

                                                                                                      (Construction Industry Federation)

Construction Safety Week tackles the different facets of health throughout the week including:-

Working safely at heights

  • If possible to work from the ground, do so
  • Ensure falls are avoided by use of secure scaffolding, etc
  • Ensure safety from objects falling from height
  • Ensure safety of ALL workers
  • Ensure safe exit

Positive mental health

  • Keep an eye on your fellow workers and encourage them to open up about worries, etc.

Working safely near utilities including

  • Safety around power lines, etc.

Working safely with hazardous substances including

  • Safe use of substances
  • Safe storage
  • Correct safety clothing

Working safely with vehicles including Safety first on the construction site

  • Training for vehicle use
  • Safe use
  • Ensuring upkeep of vehicle to maintain safety

It is suggested that every workplace get in their safety training providers and consultants to talk about each of these subjects and to highlight the dangers and the safety procedures involved.

Great strides have been made over the past few years in lessening the amount of accidents and fatalities that take place on construction sites. However, complacency should never take hold, and vigilance should always be maintained in order to decrease the number of accidents even more.


For safety first on the construction site, Mackin are providers of first class safety training and advice.


If you would like to bring in a highly experienced safety training expert to talk to your workforce, or to update training certificates, then call Mackin Consultancy. With over 16 years in the Health and Safety business we have built up an outstanding reputation for quality training. We run various training courses that are relevant to the construction industry including:

  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid
  • Safe Pass
  • Fire Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Safety Harness Use and Inspection
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • MEWP – Mobile Elevated Working Platform

In addition to these, we run Site Inductions and Site Safety Assessments.


For further information, or a free, no obligation consultation, contact our office on 021 4211545.