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What is Safe Pass Training?

Safe Pass is a safety awareness training programme for construction workers. It is designed to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to work on site without being a danger to themselves or others. On successful completion, a Safe Pass registration card is awarded to every participant. It is a legal requirement for all construction workers and those involved in the construction industry to carry Safe Pass cards whilst on site.

The Safe Pass programme is operated and managed by SOLAS.

Who needs to do Safe Pass Training?

Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013, Safe Pass Training applies to:

  • Craft and general construction workers,
  • Persons undertaking on-site security work, and
  • Persons or classes of persons as may be prescribed by the Minister

Category of personnel involved in construction projects for whom Safe Pass training is mandatory:

  • Craft Workers
  • Apprentices
  • General Construction Workers
  • Working Chargehands
  • On-site Security Workers
  • Contractors Drivers On-site
  • Delivery Drivers On-site e.g. concrete trucks
  • Students on Placement on site
  • Students or Temporary staff on construction sites

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Objectives of the course

On completion of this course, participants will

  • Have an awareness of health and safety whilst benefitting from improved safety procedures

Who pays for the Safe Pass Training?

Generally, the employer pays for the course. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff are appropriately trained and enrolled on to the course. Under the Safety, Heath & Welfare Act, 2005 – employers are required to allow employees to take time off to complete the training without loss of remuneration.

What is the minimum age for Safe Pass Training?

You must be at least 16 years of age at the time of training.

Where can I book Safe Pass Training?

Mackin host private and public courses. We run Safe Pass courses twice a month at our training centre in Cork, Dublin, Ireland. Check out our course calendar for upcoming dates: or call 021 421 1545 / email [email protected] We can also organise training for a maximum of 20 interested participants in the city of your choice.

What do I bring on the day of the Safe Pass Training?

  • Passport size picture for SOLAS Safe Pass card
  • Identification e.g. drivers licence, passport
  • Irish PPS number
  • Payment or proof of payment
  • The course is taught in English unless previously arranged therefore all participants are required to have a good understanding of the English language
  • Participants should tell us if they have any special needs when booking the course.

When do I need to renew my Safe Pass Training?

Safe Pass awareness training should be renewed every 4 years.


Check for available dates here.


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