Lone Working

Are you self-employed, or a contractor who works alone?

Do you have employees who work alone?

These workers face additional hazards to other workers in that they have no access to First Aid if necessary, they are vulnerable to assault by intruders or members of the public; they may have inadequate breaks, etc.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of these workers and it is with this in mind that Mackin can help; not only with risk assessments and safety plans, but also with the implementation of WATCHME.


WATCHME is an innovative, vital tool designed to help organisations to improve the personal safety and well-being of their employees. This system is specifically designed to give vulnerable lone workers a highly reliable means of instantly alerting colleagues if they are overdue from a risky activity/meeting or if immediate emergency assistance is required.

Employees log in and out of daily activities/meetings using a simple app on their mobile phones. WATCHME then sends the employee a reminder by ring tone and text to confirm that their activity/meeting has been completed safely. Employees can also tap the app for immediate help.

In the event of no response, up to three employer responders are automatically alerted by text, with details of the employee name, contact number and their precise mapped location.

WATCHME has been developed using leading edge technologies and incorporates multiple server and communication failsafe features. Importantly, the system runs independently of any mobile device on which the application is installed so alerts will be raised even if the device is no longer working. This is key to reassuring staff as the requests for assistance will still be initiated no matter what happens to the phone.

Safe Tracking of Your Location

The programme uses numerous methods to track an employee’s location including GPS, Wi-Fi and Fused (Google/Combination of location data). We only monitor an employee’s location when they have an active WATCHME Session. This means the employee is completely in control of the transmission of their location data & privacy.

Our SMS providers are selected for their reliability & speed not their cost. Our support team will be informed of most issues automatically but in the event we are not, clients can log issues on our online system and/or call our support helpdesk.

Free Consultation

For more information, or for a free consultation on lone working with one of our dedicated experts, please contact Mackin on (021) 4628112 or email [email protected]

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