Employee Resourcing

Do you find the task of finding qualified personnel who are the right fit for your business a time-consuming task that comes when you are already under extreme pressure?

At Mackin we provide effective employee resourcing for all businesses for both short and long term projects as per our clients’ needs. Research shows that employee satisfaction can have a direct bearing on customer satisfaction, and Mackin believes that a happy employee is a productive one. We strive to ensure this satisfaction through open communication with both clients and employees; providing quarterly performance reviews of employees, and quarterly meetings to assess satisfaction with current contracts.

3 key areas to successful employee resourcing:


Hiring a new employee should not only fill a short-term need that requires a specific skill-set, it should balance the present needs against future needs in line with the company’s growth plan.


For maximum effect a new employee should be given a set of tasks that take into account their skills and their personal elements. A happy employee is a productive employee.


Evaluation and performance improvement are essential to successful employee resourcing. At Mackin we carry our reviews getting feedback from supervisors, the employee and looking at selected performance indicators set out with the client.

Client Benefits

  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Quick and easy contract extension or renewal, without renewal limits or downtime
  • High quality, experienced labour
  • Open communication and quick response time for resolving issues and concerns

Effective employee resourcing involves looking at your businesses long and short-term goals. For many the short-term goal is meeting current obligations and deadlines, whereas long-term goals can mean looking at future orders and market trends. Choosing Mackin to manage your employee resourcing means you meet those short-term goals and are ready to take advantage of market trends by strategic planning, all without putting undue pressure on yourself or your HR staff.


Do you have Employee Resourcing headaches?

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