Environmental Health and Safety

Mackin have both the experience and the expertise to assist companies to achieve higher standards in Environmental Health and Safety management.

From an environmental standpoint, this may involve creating a systematic approach to waste management and disposal; compliance with environmental regulations, or the reduction of the carbon footprint of the organisation.

Mackin have a wealth of experience in successfully implementing measures that will address matters from ergonomics to air quality, and all other aspects that can affect the health and well being of the employees.

Mackin have the know-how to ass understanding the relevant Environmental Health and Safety regulations, and communicating the implications of this information to enable them to implement the necessary Health and Safety measures.

Effective Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) departments are key factors when it comes to complying with Government regulations, and also in offering a safe, well run workplace with motivated staff. Any company that is serious about Environmental Health and Safety will understand the importance of implementing a Safety Committee that incorporates members from across all areas of the workforce, and it is in fact a legal entitlement of employees to choose a Safety Representative who can represent them with their employer.

Our Environmental Health and Safety Services include:

  • Noise Monitoring
  • Chemical SDS Management
  • Waste Monitoring
  • Asbestos Control

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